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The Art of Banksy
The art of Banksy can now be found in books, prints and posters.

For those who love the art of Banksy, his artwork can now be displayed in your home. Both banksy posters and canvas prints are available for sell and will add a lot of thought provoking response from your friends and other guests. For those who do not know about Banksy, he is a well known graffiti artist in the United Kingdom. Banksy is not his real name, and no one knows for sure exactly what it is. In fact, his birth date has never been confirmed. It is thought to be around 1974, at least according to information from one biographer. He is thought to be from Bristol, and much of his street art is seen in this area.

His artwork was first seen in the early 1990s. Because of his anti-government attitude, most of his artwork would be seen on the walls of various government buildings. Called street art by those who appreciate his work and graffiti by those who think of it as vandalism, Banksy utilizes a stencil technique for his art. Prepared in advanced, stencils offer greater detail that is seen from graffiti done freehand with spray paint. Although not the only one using stencils, much of the work done by Banksy turns heads. One reason is for the detail that can be seen by the most casual observer. The other is the political content. The images will usually express a message to those looking at the work and it will be done in a graphic way that can startle some people.

There is often a strong element of humor in his artwork, albeit a dark humor. Occasionally there will be a short text in the form of a slogan attached to the art, but usually this will be absent. His political themes are viewed from the far left of the political spectrum, although more conservative types think he is anarchistic. It is fair to say that he is at the very least, anti-establishment and iconoclastic.

At the turn of the century he began to exhibit his work, and he perked a lot of interest from the public, especially in the United States. His work started to create demand to the point that much of the better pieces were gathered together in book for in 2005. For the first time people were able to see the full range of Banksy's talent without having to view a photo of each piece published in various places.

In 2010 he became a director and created a film that he titled, Exit Through the Gift Shop. New artwork was created for this film. It was first seen at the Sundance Film Festival and was later honored with a nomination for an Oscar for Best Documentary.

His work is fascinating, and in the past was difficult to access as the originals were all displayed on government buildings. Now that they can be found on canvas and posters, you owe it to yourself to look at Banksy's work. Even if you decide his art is not something of interest, you need to decide that for yourself and look at his prints.

There are several good publications available on Amazon. The follow book is currently one of the best sellers.

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