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Personal URLs are a New Tool in Direct Marketing
Personal URLs are a New Tool in
Direct Marketing

Since the post office first grew into a large scale operation there has been direct marketing. Instead of trying to get the customer to come to you, the process is reversed and you go direct to the customer. Most of this has been done through the mail and has been done most successfully with a good list of prospective customers. Today with the Internet, direct marketing is still done in much the same way. At least in general concepts. The physical mail has been replaced with email, but the basic ideas are the same. You still start with a good list and then try to maximize the sales from that list. How you go about getting a good list is still one of the tricks of succeeding in direct mail on the Internet. But once you find a good list, you need to have the best available techniques to maximize the sales from that list.

There are standard methods that can be used to increase your chances of good response to your emails. But there is a new method that is only recently starting to get exposure and it is turning a lot of heads in the Internet world. It is referred to as personal URLs and it is directed towards personalizing the direct marketing message. Years ago mail order companies would sent out a standard letter for each person. But with the help from the early computer technology, they learned how to place each personís name on the letter to make it seem personal. As if the letter were written just for them. Although the truth was, everyone on the list got the same letter. Only the name of the recipient was changed. Today this same concept is being applied to websites on the Internet but unlike a letter, the potential impact on the prospective customer is much greater.

The way it works is that the list that is to be sent to all prospective customers is assigned a unique URL that is a host domain of your website. For example, if you are mail marketing dot com, then the customer name would be inserted before your URL. In this case, with a generic customer name of John Smith, it would be John dot Smith dot mail marketing dot com. A virtually unlimited number of names can be used in this manner. Each person responding to the email message will be responding to their own name. It would seem irresistible not to click on your own name.

Once the person arrives at this site they can have additional personalized messages and be able to be given further information about a particular product they may be intersected in. Information about the prospective customer and what they are interested in can be gathered and organized in the form of reports. This type of information gathering, along with the host names that are created from your list, can be done with the aid of a direct marketing Internet service company. Not all of the companies offer this service as it is just now starting to catch on. But there are several that do and they are well worth looking into. Just as a good list does not come cheap for a direct mail marketing company on the Internet, neither do methods that maximize the responses from the list. The technique of personal URLs is not cheap, but it may be the advantage that is needed to get the edge over your competition
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