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American Turf Monthly magazine. Jan. 1989.

Articles from this issue include: The Miracle System Importance of the Start Breeder's Cup Review Winter Play at the Big A The condition of the magazine  Product Details...


Australian Journal of Philosophy: Vol 81, No. 3, September 2003

Published for the Australian Association of Philosophy. Articles, discussions, and book reviews.  Product Details...


Australian Journal of Philosophy: Vol 81, No. 4, December 2003

Published for the Australian Association of Philosophy. Articles, discussions, and book reviews.  Product Details...


CICADA July/August 2006

High-quality fiction and poetry from teenagers and young adults.  Product Details...


Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind Jun. 1978

Articles from this issue include: Those No-Answer Phone Call May be Aliens Contacting You. Beware of Your Psychiatrist, He Might be a Visitor From Outer Space. C.B. Radio Interference Really Caused by Alien UFO's At Last, The Truth About UFO's! Says  Product Details...


Glimmer Train Magazine Winter 2000

Stories by: Robin Winick James Carlos Blake Margo Rabb Manuel Munoz Roland Sodowsky Susan Perabo Stewart O'Nan  Product Details...


Hammer's House of Horror, March 1978. 1st U.S. Issue

Articles include: Karloff's Frankenstein The Curse of the Werewolf History of Hammer Films Interview with George Romero Psycho   Product Details...


Omni Magazine Apr 1982

Articles include: The Controversial Face in Space The Real Truth About Joan of Arc Sundance to a Different Drummer. A Profile of Robert Redford: A rude awakening to the politics of environmentalism Dr. C.'s Vitamin Elixirs Interview with Lionel Tige  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Aug 1980

Articles include: Airwave Apostles: Beaming the Gospel From Space-Age Pulpits Tanking: Reaching the Outer Limits of Inner Space Computer Worlds: Building Your Own Realities in 3-D Science Fiction: A Father's Gift by Paul J. Nahin The Future Lost by  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Aug 1981

Articles include: Cosmic Counselor: International law could block space efforts by private enterprise - but not if lawyer Art Dula has his way. Project Tesla: A Diary from 1899 could give us the sun's power within five years. Interview with sex therap  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Dec 1980

Articles include: Supergenes: Decoding the Secrets of Immortality Megawar: Think-Tanking the Unthinkable Science Fiction: The Hunting of Hewlish by Sam Nicholson Saint Amy's Tale by Orson Scott Card   Product Details...


Omni Magazine Dec 1981

Articles include: Biochip Revolution. Religion in the Twenty-First Century: Billy Graham, the Dalai Lama, Robert H. Schuller, Alison Cheek, Madallyn Murray O'Hair, Daniel Berrigan, William Sloan Coffin, Jr., Desmond Tutu, Truman G. Madsen, and Robert F  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Jan 1982

Articles include: The Hydrogen Man (Roger Billings) Hydrogen Technology for Energy. Interview with Martin Gardner - the quiet wizard of recreational mathematics. Science Fiction: Elephant Song by Barry B. Longyear Triggering by John Shirley Vox Olymp  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Jul 1980

Articles include: Dune Genesis by Frank Herbert Interview with Arthur Kantrowitz Psychographics by Bibi Wein Science Fiction: Sigmund in Space by Barry N. MalzbergFirestarter by Stephen King. (Excerpt)  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Mar 1981

Articles include: The Endless Scale: Computer composers and microtonalists expand musical experience by Doug Garr King of the Worm Runners: By bringing humor to the lab's rigid domain, a maverick psychologist (James V. McConnell) bucks the scientific e  Product Details...


Omni Magazine Nov 1980

Articles include: Protons are Not Forever by Robert March Celestial Visitations by Robert Sheckley Interview with Arnold Mandell Science Fiction: Out of Luck by Walter Tevis Prime Time by Norman Spinrad  Product Details...


Omni Magazine October 1980

Human Evolution: The Future  Product Details...


Omni Magazine October 1981

Special Anniversary Issue  Product Details...


Space Wars Jun. 1978 Volume 2 #3

Articles from this issue include: Star Wars is better than Close Encounters/Close Encounters is better than Star Wars The Girls of Space:1999 Dark Star (Article about the film) What Ever Happened to Tobor?  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #14 Jun 1978

The Incredible Melting Man Virgil Finlay: Master of Fantasy Capricorn One  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #15 Aug 1978

SF Film Classic "This Island Earth" Rod Serling's Dream. article and episode guide to the classic TV series Review of Brian DePalma's "The Fury"  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #16 Sep 1978

The Films of Bert Gordon  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #19 Feb 1979

Cantina Reunion: Star Wars TV Special Roger Corman - Master of "B" Movies Ralph Bakshi Defends "The Lord of the Rings"  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #20 Mar 1979.

The Superman Movie. The complete story of the movie with incredible color pix & in-depth interviews Kirk Alyn: The Original Superman Jason of Star Command   Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #25 Aug. 1979

Interview with Ray bradbury SF in Bronze: Science Fiction Sculptor Dale Enzenbacher Interview with illustrator Mike Minor  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #26 Sep. 1979.

Articles from this issue include: The Making of "Alien" The Designing of "Alien"  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #28 Nov. 1979.

Articles from this issue include: Buck Rogers: The 25th Century Comes to TV Wonder Woman Episode Guide Interview with Herb Jefferson The Incredible Lou Ferrigno: The Hulk Speaks  Product Details...


Starlog magazine. #42 Jan. 1981.

nterview with Mark Lenard Preview of Childhood's End Filmation's Flash Gordon Dr. Who's Companions   Product Details...


Terra Rancho La Brea Issue

Bookstore edition of the Fall 1992 TERRA (vol 31, no 1), the magazine of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County.  Product Details...


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