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A Port of No Return by Christine L. McKellar - Signed

A MsAdventures at Sea Novel  Product Details...


Charley Weaver's Letters From Mamma by Cliff Arquette

From coast to coast more people are keeping their television sets on much later, more nights because of Cliff Arquette.  Product Details...


Do You have Money to Burn? by Bob Brumm

Save more of what you earn  Product Details...


Eyes of the Psychic World by Fay Daniels

1st edition (1985) Signed copy.  Product Details...


I Could Have Quit $ 10,000,000.00 ago by Lori Prokop

Proof - Nice Guys Do finish First 1st page signed by author. Three additional Signatures inside of book  Product Details...


Japanese Stocks by Toru Matsumoto - Signed

This book covers the history, development, and workings of the Japanese stock market; the psyche of the Japanese investor; and an outlook for the future.  Product Details...


Playing From the Rough by Jackie Williams SIGNED

The Women of the LPGA Hall of Fame are depicted in this book, with the struggles and trials they had to endure to become what they are today.   Product Details...


Ringroad by Fay Hale - Signed

This story begins with the Modoc Indian War of 1872. It contains an element of the paranormal or the gift of “second sight” as passed down form Bright Bird, a Modoc, to Ada, a principal character.  Product Details...


Search for the tall ships by Frank Osborn Braynard Signed

A sketchbook of the ships that came to Operation Sail 1976  Product Details...


Shootout at Horsethief Springs by Deke Lowe

an ebullient tale of rustlers and "good guys," of Anglos, Indians, and Mexicans, of ranchers, settlers, and prospectors. Although the story is fictitious the geographical and historical settings are authentic, an several of the characters are modeled on  Product Details...


Strength for Our Journey by Dr. M. Florence Martin

Dr. M. Florence Martin, ND is a Doctor of Naturopath  Product Details...


The Rants by Dennis Miller - Signed

Comedian Dennis Miller's The Rants is a collection of more than 40 monologues from Miller's popular HBO television series, Dennis Miller Live   Product Details...


Tickled Pink by Rita Rudner - Signed

Rudner's first novel  Product Details...


Where Bluebirds Sing by Ida Mae Kempel

This is a follow-up book to The Wings of Dawn that told the tragic story of the disappearance and death of the author's daughter and the effect on her life, her husband's life and their other children.  Product Details...


Where There's Hope by Hope Mihalap Signed

Hope Mihalap, humorist, author, & professional speaker, is known as the Erma Bombeck of speakers.   Product Details...


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