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We now offer original eBooks on a variety of subjects. Currently, our eBooks are available exclusively through Amazon in the Kindle format. Payments are made on Amazon's website. Prime members can borrow these books for free!

Most of these titles are also available in paperback.

New books will be added as they are published.

Hot off the digital presses!

The Path to Harness Racing Handicapping Profits:

One Man's Journey to Success

by Douglas Masters

The Secrets of Harness Race Profits Revealed!

If you have been struggling with making a profit betting on the harness races, then this book is the answer to your problem.

Stop moving from one idea to another in search of the perfect system that will turn a racetrack into an ATM machine. There is no such system, but there is a way to make money betting harness racing. It is simply a matter of knowing how to approach the game and knowing what is important in handicapping and what is not.

This book will give you the edge that you have been looking for at any track you are betting in the United States or Canada.

Most bettors spend a lifetime handicapping the harness races only to become a break-even bettor or worse and this after years of play. For most players, this is the best they can hope to achieve. They don’t have the time needed to study the game enough and improve their play to become consistent winners.

Save yourself time, along with the aggravation of learning everything the hard way, and learn from a master handicapper. This book represents 30 years of study and application of harness research that has made Douglas Masters a winning handicapper.

In this book, you will learn the important handicapping factors as they relate to making money and not how they relate to winning a race. You will learn how factors such as drivers, form, pace, class and post position relate to profits. You will also learn about track analysis and the best way to use statistics. You will also learn how to approach the issue of betting multiple racetracks.

Read this book and put yourself on a winning path to handicapping profits today!

This book is currently available in Kindle and paperback format at Amazon

Kindle version $3.99

Paperback $7.95

Sports and Horse Racing Betting Systems That Work!

By Ken Osterman

The book contains some of the best sports betting systems from Ken Osterman. These are systems that he has used himself successfully at both racetracks and sports books. The rules for each system are clearly explained and the systems are explained clearly so it is understood why they work. Tips for improving these systems are also provided.

There are 10 systems in this book that cover horse racing, football and baseball. Here is a list of the systems with the sport that is covered and the title of the system.

Horse racing

Quarter Horse - The Hidden Speed Horse Angle
Thoroughbred - Best Jockey – Long shot Method
Thoroughbred - Bet the Fastest Horse
Thoroughbred - Show a profit down under
Harness - The qualifier advantage
Harness - Morning Line Overlay

Sports Betting

NFL Football - The Injured Star
NFL Football - The Hat Trick
Baseball - The AAA Surprise
Baseball - The Underdog Advantage

This book is currently Available in Kindle format and paperback at Amazon

Kindle version $3.99

Paperback $7.95 

Ken Osterman has been developing systems, methods, and angles for a wide range of gambling games and sports wagering activities for more than 25 years, and successfully applying them at various casinos and sports books. He spends his time writing and playing his favorite systems in casinos and sports books throughout his hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Type 2 Diabetes From Diagnosis to a New Way of Life

by Matthew Lashley

A tale of the experience of a type 2 diabetes diagnosis and lessons learned living with this disease.

From the author
This book tells the story of how my diabetic condition was discovered, my denial of the condition, then the work done to get my glucose level to levels that are close to normal. There is no magic solution to treating type 2 diabetes, but I hope the information that I gathered and applied to my own life may be helpful to everyone struggling with type 2 diabetes. There is no cure, and I will have this condition the rest of my life. However, type 2 diabetes can be treated and controlled with the proper approach and lifestyle changes. You can have a better quality of life with a diet that is compatible with this disease.

Topics include:
From denial to self-blame
How I found out what type 2 diabetes was
Acceptance and getting down to work
Type 2 diabetes is a serious illness
How many carbohydrates per day should the limit be?
My target glucose levels
Foods to eat and foods to avoid
The importance of fiber in the diet
Eating out at restaurants
Is the damage from type 2 diabetes reversible?
Can type 2 diabetes be prevented?

  Kindle version $3.99

Paperback $6.95


The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method

By Ken Osterman

Publishers’ description:

The purpose of this book is to explain a fundamental approach to making a profit betting on professional football games, especially for those with little time to handicap them.

This method will help you find an overlay in the point spread using the simplest and quickest method possible.

The Quick and Dirty NFL Football Handicapping Method teaches you how to create your own point spread for each game in the NFL.

Table of Contents
An important first step in becoming a winning bettor
The basis of the Quick and Dirty NFL Method
How to create your own point spread
NFL 2013 season Week 7 - Miami Dolphins at Buffalo Bills
NFL 2013 season Week 9 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Seattle Seahawks
NFL 2013 season Week 15 - Baltimore Ravens at Detroit Lions
Money Management
Improving this method
Mistakes to Avoid

This book is ONLY available in the Kindle format